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Co Founder | Creative Director & Managing Director


Co Founder | Creative Director & Managing Director

Our identities are known in this industry. Realities in the cocoon are shown and set free.

Passion will be our key to fame and success. Dedication will keep our flame and finesse.

Urges and dreams are to be intensified through every reel while Messages and schemes are to be identified for real.

Society will become aware of their real wants and needs. Variety will become thin air. Left is ours that taunts and leads.


In a world were media makes people look better instead of making people see better. We'll make your eyes bigger and see finer.

Noticing the very essence and reality of life is what we want to push. Focusing on the scary evanescence of morality, held knife unto us, media's tush.

New concepts that will evoke better behavior without any hidden propaganda. Through contexts that will provoke those who fetter our future to wipe out any hidden agenda .

Outlooks that will change the world for the better is what we want everybody to aspire, live by and show. Out we'll look for what is strange, with our words it'll matter, inspire, imply and glow.

Via careful planning, passionate work, genuine ideas and artistic executions, We'll convey powerful messages that'll fascinate, quirk, and win us over mere aesthetic illusions.

Innovative campaigns that'll deliver social awareness, emotional connections, and positive behavior changes against Imitative brains that just render sexual images, political directions and destructive nature of rages.

Solutions for local brands that meet today's global demands instead of creating delusions for temporal wants of the mass that don't even last. Ideas that even the giants can't withstand. With us, you are in good hands.

Inspiring every individual to have their own identity instead of following ideal imagery. Desiring surgery just to be a physical, typical, visual clone of a celebrity. A sad reality, allowing this misery caused by mimicry and gimmickry. From this mentality we hope to set you free.

Our mind and eyes have been deceived by lies designed to blind. We'll remind mankind how to find all the vice behind disguise, to keen perceive cries confined behind, to do what's wise and rise now against all unkind.

Nation of us, we'll bring truth to us, thus through the aeons we'll have your trust. Genius delivery of narrations and ideas is our focus. With us every creation is an OPUS.


Mi ViVa!

Mission Vision & Values

My Exclamation!



Words & Concept by: Josh Balburias

Co-founder Managing Director & Creative Director

Opus Innovision Productions

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